Maybe Zuckerberg is right – our privacy is dead

The tracking of online user behaviour is a big deal. And I think it is one of these things that people are aware of – at least to some degree. But how much – and who is tracking your web browsing? wrote a tool, that enables you see just how much tracking is happening and by who. The image is a screen shot of visiting just five web sites – each dot is a separate site, i.e., 37 site in total, even though I only loaded five sites:,,, and

The red dots are the tracker sites (confirmed by The two separate dots are (grey) sending information to (red), while sends information to,, and (red) (top right five dots)

The big one, which surprised me, created by visiting, and – only three sites – and another 27 companies know about my web browsing! Most of whom I have never heard about. For example, loading an webpage will send your browsing information to Twitter, Facebook, scorecardresearch,,,,,, and Google.

And sites like scorecardresearch, facebook and doubleclick (owned by Google) collects from other sites.  Basically, they are likely to know more about you than any government organisation and maybe even your friends.

Paranoid yet?