Conway’s Law and Technical Debt

Everyone wants to be agile. It is the catch cry of the day, along with cloud computing, big data and payments processing. Agile software development boils down to do more with less, and communicate more with less. Do more with less is about using fewer but better suited tools to improve productivity. Communicate more with less is … Continue reading Conway’s Law and Technical Debt

Why do we have balls of mud?

IT complexity is often described using metaphors such as "the big ball of mud" or the "software hairball syndrome" to illustrate a haphazardly structured software system. What intrigues me about these systems is their stubborn ability to morph into existence and their persistence. Almost all the companies that I've worked with over the years have at … Continue reading Why do we have balls of mud?

Is “architecture” the best metaphor?

We often rely on metaphors and analogies to explain software, its structure and function. We cannot see software (except for its user interface), so we use metaphors to illustrate. It is true that we can print out the source code and look at it, but such static representation can mislead as far as the software's true … Continue reading Is “architecture” the best metaphor?

The Social Enterprise – what problem are we trying to solve?

Social Computing along with Cloud Computing is one of the hot IT buzz words - i.e., the Social Cloud must then be the ultimate in buzz word compliance. This is in fact what Andrew McAfee from MIT's Management school and Mike Gotta from Cisco are discussing. Andrew presents his Enterprise 2.0 the Indian Way in … Continue reading The Social Enterprise – what problem are we trying to solve?

Enterprise Architecture – the search for a faster horse?

Door paard getrokken taxi

Len Fehskens from The Open Group recently wrote an interesting article for The Open Group blog titled 'Enterprise Architecture’s Quest for its Identity' (and subsequently recycled at ZDNet and SOA World Magazine), where he poses two questions: Is enterprise architecture primarily about IT or is it about the entire enterprise? Is enterprise architecture a “hard” … Continue reading Enterprise Architecture – the search for a faster horse?

The (real) problem with Cloud Security

Security Model

A real gap has appeared between how Cloud vendors and their customers perceive security. In a recent survey, that 69% of vendors believe security is primarily a cloud customer responsibility, but only 35 percent of them believe security is their responsibility only. Just 16 percent of cloud providers feel security is a shared responsibility, compared … Continue reading The (real) problem with Cloud Security

What is Enterprise Architecture and did it really die?

The recent year or so have offered amble blogosphere discussion about what Enterprise Architecture is, whether it died and who to blame. It appears that John Zachman kicked off the debate back in 2009 with his blog post Yes, "Enterprise Architecture is Relative" BUT it is not Arbitrary, where he claims that Enterprise Architecture is … Continue reading What is Enterprise Architecture and did it really die?