What do I do for a living? Magic stuff…

People don’t understand me. Well, people at work don’t really understand what I do. Especially, project managers get frustrated when I (or my team) haven’t delivered some obscurely titled document. I broke their check list, and now they have to worry about the project running late.

The people who believe they pay for the new IT system get even more flustered when someone tries to make the delivery complex by talking about doing stuff beyond popping the installation CD into the server, hit install and choose a few configuration options. Especially when they have seen the new Cloud technology presentations – it is just a cloud; how hard can it be?

And why can’t I show them “my” architecture? Real architects can, but those real Architects don’t think of architects like me as architects. I guess, I’m not.

Last time I took my son with me to work during school holidays, he looked at me in amazement: “You get paid for using the computer to make drawings? Cool!”


Yes, it is a pretty amazing job….