Bob, iPhones and software vendors

You meet Bob at the local coffee shop.

You don’t really know Bob, but one of your acquaintances suggested Bob after you casually mentioned your need for a new mobile phone.

You checked out Bob’s website and you are fairly sure that Bob didn’t write any of the available material himself.

At the coffee shop, you both introduce yourselves. You both order coffee (you pay for both) and after a few pleasantries, Bob starts to ask a few questions about your potential mobile phone purchase.

“So, I understand that you need a new mobile phone?”

“Yes, potentially…”

“And you’d like to make phone calls?”

“That would be handy…”

“And send messages?”

“Also pretty handy…”

“How many?”

“How many? Eh, not sure… Maybe 50”

Bob shifts chair position.

“In that case, my recommendation is the new iPhone. Most of your colleagues use an iPhone, and it’s the leading messaging phone”. Bob looks confident.

You both get up and walk out. After thanking Bob, you walk down the street to the nearest mobile phone reseller and immediately purchase the most expensive iPhone. Although you are slightly concerned about how Bob knows your colleagues, you do want to be better than them.

You never see Bob again.


If this scenario sounds slightly crazy, then you’d be correct. And of course, this isn’t the way you’d choose a software product.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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