IT confuses (again)

I occasionally read Nick Malik's blog, Inside Architecture, and his latest post about 'Business Capability' reminded me of IT people's general ability to take a perfectly understandable word, such as capability, and turn it into something confusing. This is not a criticism of Nick or Paul Harmon who wrote the article, Capabilities and Processes, that … Continue reading IT confuses (again)

Architects as facilitators

Arthur Wright, a software architect from Credit Suisse, wrote an interesting article in an issue of the IEEE Software magazine, called: Lessons Learned: Architects Are Facilitators, Too! He describes a number of divergent behaviours causing the architecture to fragment through unauthorised interfaces, ill-considered technologies and protest designs. The article is an 'anti-pattern' to Conway's Law. … Continue reading Architects as facilitators

The Network Effect on Software Quality

I recently read a MIT's Sloan Review published article by Tellis, Yin and Niraj. The article discusses the "network effect" versus quality in determining which high-tech products win the largest market share. Certainly an interesting article with the reassuring message: the product with the best quality, and not market dominance, will eventually prevail. It just seems … Continue reading The Network Effect on Software Quality