Enterprise Architecture – the search for a faster horse?

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Len Fehskens from The Open Group recently wrote an interesting article for The Open Group blog titled ‘Enterprise Architecture’s Quest for its Identity‘ (and subsequently recycled at ZDNet and SOA World Magazine), where he poses two questions:

  1. Is enterprise architecture primarily about IT or is it about the entire enterprise?
  2. Is enterprise architecture a “hard” discipline or a “soft” discipline?

Len argues in favour of Enterprise Architecture as a soft discipline concerned with the entire enterprise and not just IT. But I would have liked Len to have addressed the ‘why?’ part better – often identity is derived from the purpose of doing it. He makes a few references to ‘descriptions’ of an enterprise. But as Todd Biske pointed out, the relevance of Enterprise Architecture is determined by the whether the Architects of an enterprise are Enterprise Archivist (model focused) or Enterprise Activist (engagement focused). Continue reading “Enterprise Architecture – the search for a faster horse?”