beyond the tools of the trade

Architects like to discuss the type of framework they use, their preferred patterns or the pros and cons of a new technology. We, as many other professionals, have a fascination with the tools in our tool bag. But the success of our projects often rests on other, less tangible skills. Here’s five that I’ve found particularly useful. Continue reading

The (real) problem with Cloud Security

A real gap has appeared between how Cloud vendors and their customers perceive security. In a recent survey, that 69% of vendors believe security is primarily a cloud customer responsibility, but only 35 percent of them believe security is their responsibility only. Just 16 percent of cloud providers feel security is a shared responsibility, compared to 33 percent of cloud users.

Although security has repeatedly been highlighted as one of the key concerns with Cloud Computing, only 20 percent of cloud vendors see security as a competitive advantage, and fewer than 27 percent feel their cloud services can protect and secure customer information.

Why is there such a gap? Continue reading