Microsoft’s Bing uses Google search results – and denies it

Google Catches Bing Copying; Microsoft Says ‘So What?’ | Epicenter |

An official admission from Microsoft that their search service, Bing, just isn’t good enough? This is truly amazing….

Official Google Blog: Microsoft’s Bing uses Google search results—and denies it.

… and now someone at Microsoft thought – whoops, better deny this one despite initial response….

Bing Thoughts on search quality – Search Blog – Site Blogs – Bing Community.

The response from the Bing team – yep, we copied Google ‘a little bit’…. It might be one of a thousand `different signals and features’, but that’s still copying…

If you are using Internet Explorer and the ‘Suggested Sites’ feature then the ‘privacy policy‘ states:

When Suggested Sites is turned on, the addresses of websites you visit are sent to Microsoft, together with standard computer information. To help protect your privacy, the information is encrypted when sent to Microsoft. Information associated with the web address, such as search terms or data you entered in forms might be included.

So they seem have covered themselves legally…. Search Engine has a good summary article.

Here’s the video of the panel discussion about the Google Bing search copy discussion..

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