The cheeky facebook buggers

I deleted my facebook account back in May 2010 – not deactivated my account, as most bloggers seem to think is the only possibility, but deleted. The delete function (at the time) was hidden in the support pages, and you had to ensure that you didn’t accidentally login for the following two weeks, i.e., turn off all auto-login functions and uninstall whatever facebook application one was using on laptop or mobiles. The (old) delete link I used can be found here.

All good or so I thought…

This morning facebook spammed me about re-joining, but rather than just suggesting I re-join via their main page, they provide a login link and not a create an account link – maybe just arguing semantics rather than practical difference. So I clicked on the opt out of future communications link, and I was greeted by the below page.

Notice how facebook is trying to trick you to log in with the ‘Login to manage all notification preferences’ link?

So here I am because I deleted my facebook account, I don’t want to re-join facebook, let alone receive messages from them, yet they imply that if I don’t re-join they’ll keep finding ways to spam me even if I actively tell them not to!

Cheeky buggers!

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