Top 11 technologies of the decade

To celebrate the turn of a decade, IEEE Spectrum Magazine has compiled the list of top 11 technologies of the previous decade. Apart from being an interesting read, the newsworthy part is the fact that technology 1 (Smartphones), 2 (Social Networking), 3 (Voice over IP) 4 (LED), 6 (Cloud Computing), 10 (digital photography), and 11 (Class D audio) are all closely related.

The improved speed and bandwidth of the Internet has enabled the sort(s) of ‘killer apps’ made possible by the ‘capable mobility’ offered by smartphones (1, 4, 11) (‘normal’ mobiles offer mobility, but they are not very capable) to support our increasingly nuanced social interactions (2, 3, 10) while leveraging the cloud (6) to make our lives ‘device’ independent (although not technology independent), i.e., access to all of our data, not just what you happen to have on your smartphone.

You can read more here: Special report: Top 11 technologies of the decade

5 Replies to “Top 11 technologies of the decade”

  1. The list was compiled by IEEE Spectrum, and no I don’t think the magazine intended the order to be of significance – and neither did I.

    I agree that SaaS / Cloud Computing should certainly make the list, but what technologies that deserve to be on the list would probably depend a lot on one’s perspective on life in general. E.g., wikipedia/mediawiki might also be a good candidate 🙂 So yes, I do think there needs to be more than two…

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