The cheeky facebook buggers

I deleted my facebook account back in May 2010 - not deactivated my account, as most bloggers seem to think is the only possibility, but deleted. The delete function (at the time) was hidden in the support pages, and you had to ensure that you didn't accidentally login for the following two weeks, i.e., turn … Continue reading The cheeky facebook buggers

Top 11 technologies of the decade

To celebrate the turn of a decade, IEEE Spectrum Magazine has compiled the list of top 11 technologies of the previous decade. Apart from being an interesting read, the newsworthy part is the fact that technology 1 (Smartphones), 2 (Social Networking), 3 (Voice over IP) 4 (LED), 6 (Cloud Computing), 10 (digital photography), and 11 … Continue reading Top 11 technologies of the decade