Time to get our heads out of the cloud

Wilhelm Röntgen discovered x-rays in 1895 which resulted in a worldwide flurry of excited investigations, speculations and wild claims. The American Institute for Electrical Engineers wrote a couple of years later that “the whole world seems to have been working on it for all this time without having discovered a great deal with respect to it“. At the moment, that sounds a bit like Cloud Computing. We all know about the potential infrastructure flexibility, cost savings, and elastic performance scaling, but the big question remain – how do enterprises with decades of IT infrastructure take advantage of Cloud Computing?

Bernard Golden recently wrote an article about ‘taking an application to the cloud’ versus ‘taking the cloud to the application’ – another way of saying that unless you design your application for the cloud, the application will remain hostage of old style infrastructure constraints. There is little point in elastic infrastructure if the application cannot be ‘stretched’.

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