The silliness of smarter-than-you machines

6 thoughts on “The silliness of smarter-than-you machines”

  1. Agreed.

    Last I heard the best inference engines aren’t as capable as a typical 12th grader.

    Since humans decide in the right brain, indeed I think an entirely new computer design would be needed.

  2. Re: Travelling Salesman Problem

    The Concorde TSP solver has been used to find provably optimal tours for TSP problems as large as 85900 points, running on relative clusters of commodity (1990’s) hardware. I think you’re slightly overestimating the abilities of bees. Instances of the problem that are solvable by bees are generally solvable by brute force algorithms in exponentially less time than the bees take. What is interesting in the bee article is that the bees are able to do it at all.

    But yes, the whole singularity idea is pretty silly – it’s like saying that when motor cars reached the point of being able to run at 80 km per hour, cheetahs became obsolete. It’s a handy shibboleth in AI debates for isolating the people who have literally no idea what they are talking about.

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