Dependency Model

The Elusive Dependency

My latest article published in InfoQ discusses the difficulties of not only finding, but also modelling and evaluating architectural dependencies. You can read the article here.


Waterfalls don’t exist…

“We use the waterfall methodology”. You can literally see the scorn on the developer’s face. No one wants to use the waterfall methodology. Except if you are a project manager, of course. They secretly prefer the waterfall, because it shows progression. All these agile iterations,… Read More


Why do we have balls of mud?

IT complexity is often described using metaphors such as “the big ball of mud” or the “software hairball syndrome” to illustrate a haphazardly structured software system. What intrigues me about these systems is their stubborn ability to morph into existence and their persistence. Almost all the… Read More

Apple Tree

The Elusive Knowledge

“If only they had written a better design document” complained the (to remain unknown) architect in frustration after a series of “he said”, “she said”, and “no, that’s not what I meant”. Software development is tricky business and more so the larger the system. Large… Read More